Cardiac Services


Worried about your heart, or due for a check up?

At St Andrews we’re getting more and more geared up to take care of your heart.

Whether you are concerned about your blood pressure, or chest pains, shortness of breath or perhaps an irregular heart beat, a visit to one of our general practitioners is a good start. You can then be easily offered one of our several services, including:

Blood tests – to calculate risk factors such as cholesterol and blood sugar or to look for markers of heart ischaemia or heart failure.

ECG – to look for signs of ischaemia, cardiomyopathy or irregular heart beat.

Specialist consultation – with either our cardiologist or cardiac surgeon

Echocardiograms – specialised ultrasound of the heart to assess its size, structure and function. Click here for more information.

ABP – 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor, continuous measuring of one’s blood pressure and monitoring of fluctuations in the course of the day and night.

Holter – a ‘take home’ machine that monitors the heart and carries out a continuous ECG for varying durations of time, important, among others, in the diagnosis of palpitations.

The above services may be booked directly, but we always recommend one checks first with his/her GP what is most indicated. External referrals also welcome.