Women’s Health

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Women's health in the large part is no different from men's in that regular screening and check-ups are always recommended. At St Andrews we can carry out the necessary health checks targeted to general health such as blood tests, general physical examination, blood pressure checks, and ECG. However women's health goes beyond that and the team of doctors attending St Andrews is perfectly catered for these needs. From smear tests to pelvic ultrasounds, advice on contraception to management of menopause, breast examination to treatment of osteoporosis, we've got it covered.

Family Planning

A major part in many women's life and one not to be taken lightly. Discuss with us your needs and issues. We can give advice on contraception and the options available. We can help with preparing for a family, with information regarding vaccines prior to pregnancy, supplements required when planning a pregnancy and so forth. Should difficulties in conception arise, the gynaecologist is at hand to take over the management.

Antenatal Care

We can follow you through all stages of pregnancy and the availability of an onsite ultrasound machine completes the monitoring service.

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Cervical cancer is one of those rare occasions where a direct correlation has been made with a causative agent. The HPV virus has been deteted in all cases of cancer, and research has provided us with a vaccine for it. This vaccine has been proven to help the body fight off the HPV virus. Speak to us to discuss the vaccination options, be it for teenage girls or adult women.

Breast Care

Breast cancer is another instance where screening is strongly recommended, as the sooner it is deteted, the better the success rates of treatment. Breast examinations are the mainstay of screening and at St Andrews we can carry them out at request. We can also provide you with educational material and teach you how to check your own breasts at home. Breast ultrasounds can be carried out, however these are more indicated in the under 40s. Should we feel you need a mammogram we are ready to refer you for one. Suspicious cases will readily be referred to the surgical consultant in attendance.

Other Tests

Other tests of relevance here include:

Pelvic Ultrasounds

Cancer markers

Hormone profiles

Sexually Transmitted Diseases screening