Covid-19 Updates

Updated 22nd July 2020

Covid-19 Updates

St Andrews Clinics has remained open throughout the pandemic, ensuring a continuation of essential services to those who most needed it, and in as safe an environment as possible. Since the improvement of the situation, most of our other services and clinics have resumed and we have practically returned to normal. However, with the relaxation of mitigation measures and the opening of the airport, our challenge to keep the clinics Covid19-free continues as much as, if not more than, before.

For this reason, despite the opening up of nearly all our services, we will maintain the same admission policies:

  • All clinics are strictly by appointment.
  • Walk-ins will not be accepted, and appointments can only be made by phone or email.
  • All requests will be vetted by a member of staff or one of our doctors.
  • Refusal to disclose one's symptoms or declare travel history may result in refusal of an appointment.
  • Callers with a fever or any of the symptoms associated with COVID19, no matter how mild, will be asked to present a negative swab result.
  • Such cases must stay at home at all times and call 111, or 21324086 if using a foreign number.
  • Returning travellers and visitors will be advised to let a week pass before making an appointment at the clinic if non-urgent. If urgent, they must speak to one of our doctors first and may be asked for a swab test.
  • All visitors must wear a mask, and social distancing measures are in force, including the closure of the waiting room and limitation of people in common areas.
  • On arrival at the clinic do not walk in, please wait outside, and wait for the go ahead from the receptionist. You can indicate your arrival by phone, on 21355205 or 79355205.
  • Where feasible kindly limit the number of people accompanying a patient to 1.

Please understand that these measures are being taken to protect you and your families, our staff and colleagues, and fellow patients, from potential spread of the virus.

Thanking you for your cooperation. Stay safe!

Contact us for more details.