Antenatal Monitoring

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Ultrasonography is one of the mainstays of antenatal monitoring and is useful in each stage of pregnancy. Ultrasounds need not be carried out before the 6th week of pregnancy. After the 6th week the uses of ultrasound are various.

  • Confirmation of pregnancy
  • Viability of pregnancy
  • Dating of pregnancy
  • Monitoring size and growth of foetus
  • Monitoring health of foetus
  • Visualising the internal organs of the baby including spine, heart, stomach and kidneys
  • Assessment of risk factors such as poor placental blood flow
  • Detection of position of placenta

Preparation required for an antenatal ultrasound:

Between the 6th and 12th week of pregnancy you must drink 2 litres of water from 2 hours before the procedure. Avoid passing urine in that time as the scope for the drinking is to have a fully extended bladder.

After the 12th week of pregnancy no preparation is required.