4D Ultrasounds


4D ultrasounds use the same technology as normal 2D ultrasounds, but can create a three dimensional image of the child's face in utero. This is done and observed in a live setting and can thus pick up any movements the child may do during the imaging.

These ultrasounds are not standard or medically required prenatal tests but are often chosen by the parents to be able to see their baby’s face for the first time. After the recording, the mother will receive digital images of the child as well as video loops.

The best time for a 4D ultrasound will be around the 26th to 29th week period of pregnancy. Unfortunately, there will still be a number is cases where an image cannot be attained, depending on the mother’s body size, volume of amniotic fluid in the sac and of course the position of the baby.

COVID-19 Update - until furthur notice 4D ultrasounds will be suspended.