3D and 4D Ultrasounds

3D 4D

3D and 4D ultrasounds use sound waves exactly like 2D ultrasounds do to create an image of the baby in the womb. The difference is that a 3D ultrasound creates a three-dimensional image of the baby, which we can print out in colour for you to keep. On the other hand 4D ultrasounds create a live video effect, very much like a movie, where you may also capture your baby’s movements, smiles or yawns. Each 4D ultrasound will be recorded live on DVD for you to take home and watch over and over again.

These ultrasounds are not standard prenatal tests but are often chosen by the parents to be able to see their baby’s face for the first time. The best time for this will be around the 26 to 29 week period of pregnancy. Unfortunately there is still a percentage of cases, around 30%, where this will still not be possible, depending on mother’s body size, volume of amniotic fluid in the sac and position of the baby. In these cases the mother will be free to reattempt the scan at a later date at no extra cost.

Preparation required for a 3D/4D ultrasound is the same as for the usual ultrasound:

Between the 6th and 12th week of pregnancy you must drink 2 litres of water from 2 hours before the procedure. Avoid passing urine in that time as the scope for the drinking is to have a fully extended bladder.

After the 12th week of pregnancy no preparation is required.